How a small, bootstrapped business is conquering the world with a range of non-alcoholic spirits | #460

How a small, bootstrapped business is conquering the world with a range of non-alcoholic spirits | #460

I was emceeing a function the other night when this fellow suggested I have a couple of cheeky G&Ts before going on-stage.


“Thanks, but no thanks” was my response, as I never drink when working.


Refusing to take no for an answer, he tells me the Gin is completely alcohol-free and tastes exactly like Gin. And in fact, if I didn’t like Gin, there were 12 other flavours to choose from!


“Show me the bar!” was my response.


That guy was Mark Living’s and he’s cracked the code on a range of alcohol-free spirits called Lyer’s that’s taking the global beverage world by storm.


A little bit more about Lyre’s co-founder Mark Livings …

Mark Living’s is the co-founder of a portfolio of businesses across marketing and advertising, logistics and fulfilment, print and merchandise production as well as brand incubation. He’s also an active and successful venture capitalist.

His current project is Lyer’s – a non-alcoholic range of spirits that caught my attention at an event I was emceeing. Not only was the visual branding of the range absolutely beautiful, the Gin tastes like Gin and the Bourbon tastes like Bourbon … yet there wasn’t a hint of alcohol in either!

You’re going to love this chat as Mark is an absolute expert on branding, launching new products, story-telling and so many other aspects of this dark-art we call marketing.


Here’s what caught my attention from my chat with Lyre’s Mark Livings:

  1. As small business owners we can move incredibly quickly, so make the most of your agility.
  2. I love how Mark’s built the Lyer’s brand from the ground up. From the story behind the name (the Lyrebird is nature’s greatest mimic), to the visual branding, to the stories that live on each bottle. Check out to see what I mean.
  3. I love his use of employing Brand Ambassadors to evangelise the Lyer’s brand.


Mark Livings Interview Transcription


Well Mark Living’s of lyres. Welcome to the small business big marketing show.


Thank you Tim. Great to be chatting

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