[Productivity Tool] Magalogs – They’ve made many direct selling marketers very successful.

Today’s productivity tool to make your life a whole lot easier is a magalog.

You probably haven’t heard of this term before.

So, let me explain why you would actually use one.

You see the problem with many businesses is the only way that they can sell is just one-to- one, or face-to- face or maybe even over the phone.

But the problem with this is it’s not scalable.

You can only sell to one person at a time.

So, if you really want to scale your business and you want to grow fast, what you need to do is leverage your time.

And one of the best ways you can do that is by creating a Magalog.

A magalog is a cross between a magazine and a catalog. Magazines are designed to inform and catalogs are designed to sell.  So, when you take those two things and put them together you have a Magalog.


Think of it like a brochure on steroids. Normally, this is between 16 up to maybe 64 pages and it’s like a magazine designed to sell a product or a service.

If you have a price point that is more than $500 then it is a fantastic tool to help you to significantly grow your business.

So, go ahead and give some thought to how you could best use a magalog in your business.

You’ll be glad you did.

And if you already use it, let me know how it’s going.

This guest post was kindly provided by Dale Beaumont of 52 Ways – one of the best one day workshops for business owners.



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