It’s a listener love in! We talk eNewsletters, regrets of the dying, low cost branding, Facebook conversions & meet ups. Plus, I get a kiss and a caning!

It’s a listener love in! We talk eNewsletters, regrets of the dying, low cost branding, Facebook conversions & meet ups. Plus, I get a kiss and a caning!

So much marketing love to spread around. And so little time.

As you know, this show is all about providing marketing ideas for small business. And this episode provides that in spades!

Unfortunately (or fortunately!), this past week I was struck down with the man flu and could hardly talk (I know, me not being able to talk!), so this week I decided to answer some listener questions. I have received some great listener queries, and I even got a caning from one of them.

So, it’s a rich episode in which we cover a lot of marketing ground. Specifically:

  1. I kick things off by sharing the 5 regrets of the dying. These come from an amazing blog post recent guest Charles Badenach recently shared with me.
  2. I help Ron Chowanetz, a vehicle & equipment finance specialist, with his email newsletter strategy.
  3. Booze Baron, Nick Rose, offers some feedback that touches my heart and shares a win he had with outsourcing using Fiverr.
  4. Jake, enjoys the show as a new listener, but gives me a caning over a recent comment in episode 148 of the Small Business Big Marketing show  where I get up on my soapbox on how to get an interview on the Small Business Big Marketing show.
  5. Stephen Pate from Peninsula Acupuncture asks about branded merchandise and how effective it is. I take this question to the Small Business Big Marketing Facebook group for ideas and member input.
  6. Ryan Hazell – Ivory Lane Recording Studios – asks how to get sales conversions from Facebook, plus I provide some suggestions on Facebook apps.
  7. Sid Salmon from Waterloo, Canada provides some great, unique feedback with a twist.
  8. I give some advice on a question received from Rolf Binder and Mac Smerdon about when should we say ‘no’ to a customer and tactfully fire a client?
  9. James Axisa, CEO (Chief Expresso Officer) for Baybeans sends through a ‘not so flattering’ observation about some advice I offered a client and I discuss website simplification.
  10. Plus in the forum this week there’s an exclusive fireside chat I had with David Counsell of Inferno Marketing, in which we discuss where Yellow Pages is at as an advertising medium for small businesses.

See, I told you … so much marketing gold and so little time.

Oh, plus don’t forget there’s a Meet Up for Melbourne listeners this Thursday. You can register here for all future Small Business Big Marketing meet ups in other states and countries.

Links & Resources Mentioned In This Episode.

Netregistry – The good folk at Netregistry can sort you out with all your Google Adwords needs. Check their PPC services here.

The Small Business Big Marketing Forum – Chat with me daily about your marketing conundrums.

The marketing keynote I gave was similar to this one, although it went for an extra hour!

Here’s my new website promoting Tim Reid as a marketing speaker.

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