Travelsim CEO talks partnerships, messaging and the moment that changed everything.

Travelsim CEO talks partnerships, messaging and the moment that changed everything.

In this episode of Australia’s #1 marketing podcast, I chat with Jamien Zimmerman, CEO of  Travelsim, who took a simple problem many travellers have and solved it with a SIM card you put in your phone when you go overseas. The result? No bill shock!

This is a fascinating and honest interview, with a focussed business owner.

I love his business model & brand and how clear he is with his message. I am sure you will agree there is so much marketing gold in this episode as we delve into:

  • How Jamien has leveraged his business through partnerships with large, national brands. This should get you thinking who you can partner with that is going to give you leverage you couldn’t get doing it by yourself.

  • The power of taking the time to talk with and listen to your customers.

  • Why setting up an office and where you locate it should be a strategic move. You’ll find yourself considering what lateral solutions you can look for in everyday problems that you experience in your business.

  • Plus Jamien talks about a moment on the beach with his wife that changed everything.


This story is one of entrepreneurship, business courage and tough decisions. Have a listen and I would love to know what you think by commenting below.

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Now, grab a cuppa, pen and paper and get ready for this one because you are going to discover some great marketing strategies for your small business.

Until next time, may your marketing be the best marketing!




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