How to write copy that converts.

How to write copy that converts.



In this episode I cover how to write copy that converts, I give some feedback to a listener who’s recently launched their own podcast, I remind us all of the importance of being single-minded in our marketing plus I share some heartfelt feedback.

If you find writing copy about as much fun as going to the dentist, then listen up, as gun copywriter Joanna Weibe of Canadian copywriting agency Copyhackers shows you how to write copy that converts. And it’s not painful at all. Rather fun actually!

Joanna and I have a fireside chat about copywriting dos and don’ts for small business owners. Grab a pen and paper, you are gonna need it, as here’s what we discuss:

  • What you should expect your copywriter to be able to do (eg. brochures, flyers, Christmas cards, landing pages, sales web copy, sales letters, documents v blog posts).

  • How good copywriting involves an understanding of optimisation, user experience, email & ad conversion.

  • What is so important about understanding your audience and how to find their voice to help you write better copy.

  • How swiping copy from prospects & customers by studying the natural language hidden in testimonials, Facebook, Twitter, and emails can help you find headlines.

  • What research marketing secrets are great for finding the people that might be your customers.

  • How to find the best reviews for your niche and see what messages most matter to your prospects, what their needs and wants are, what’s missing, and what they didn’t love.

  • How a headline that is completely different to what you have used before can produce outstanding results.

  • What is more important than a ‘call to action’ in your copywriting, and how it can increase conversion.

  • How you can use information from customers to write great headlines.

  • The power of simple copy and how it can increase conversion.

  • Plus, Joey shoots off 4 very quick and dirty copywriting tips.

Plus Conan Phillips of Cojo Suits asks for feedback on a recent podcast he’s launched, and how he can find ongoing content that his listeners will love.

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Until next time, may your marketing be the best marketing …


Timbo Reid
Host of Australia’s #1 marketing show

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