A brave PR stunt involving a real estate agent, the Czech Republic’s President and his castle.

A brave PR stunt involving a real estate agent, the Czech Republic’s President and his castle.

What would you do if you were a real estate agent and the government revoked your trademark? Sell the President’s castle, of course! At least, that’s what today’s guest tried to do in what’s shaping up to be a very brave PR stunt. Plus I share some tips on how to be engaging  when using social media. Enjoy this episode of Australia’s favourite marketing show.

My guest today is Nathan Brown – Founder and owner of  CzechPoint101 – A real estate business based in the Czech Republic.

Nathan has had the trademark for his business name revoked by the Czech Republic government, and recently sent me this email:

Hi Timbo …
We are proceeding on a big PR effort in Czech Republic starting today (September 9th) that makes me very nervous but I think it will give us really good exposure. 
A brief overview of the story: 
We had a trademark for our company name ‘CZECH POINT’ registered in 2006. In 2007 the Czech government registered their own trademark ‘CZECHPOINT’ for a government office which they rolled out country-wide. When we objected they had our earlier trademark cancelled. Yes, this is how former Soviet countries still think. 
We have spent thousands of dollars fighting this and we were looking for a way to at least recoup some costs in terms of PR. We still have legal options which we are pursuing. 
Our PR strategy:
In cooperation with a PR firm in Prague we started a big campaign today in the news: “Czech President must move – Prague castle for sale“. 
The basic premise is that they took something from us so we will take something from them. We have offered 75% of any settlement to Transparency International Czech Republic.
I am extremely nervous about it. The government might decide to shut our company down and/or revoke our visas (we are Canadians). 
I thought the story might be interesting to your listeners – whether the result of this campaign is crash and burn or front page paper headlines. 🙂



Well, as you know, I do love a good story laced with a bit of business coverage and a splash of stupidity (I say that lovingly)!

PLUS in this episode of Australia’s #1 marketing show I tackle a question from a listener Jemima of Big Air School who’s looking for some advice on how to better engage with her audience on Facebook.  I give her 5 tips based around being useful, entertaining, conversational, giving the challenge to one of her young team members and getting clearer on her brand.

Plus I cover off what’s happening inside the best forum for small business owners going around ;0)

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Let’s get that marketing discussion happening.

Until next time, may your marketing be the best marketing …

Tim Reid

Timbo Reid
Host of Australia’s #1 marketing show

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