How to get customers to tattoo your logo on their body!

How to get customers to tattoo your logo on their body!

Canadian gym owner Nicole Neuert from Kix 4 Chix has 45 clients tattooed with her logo!  Listen in and find out how she did that and why they do it. Plus I get feedback from a bored listener who offers me a deal and a mighty good idea; and I offer some branding advice to a musical debt collector

Just how do you get your customers to tattoo your logo on their body. This one is short but sweet, so listen up to find out:

  • How personalising the customer experience nurtures the business needs and the customers’ needs.
  • How building a strong connection with your clients can make a difference to your brand.
  • A unique way to connect with customers on Facebook.
  • How appearing on a business TV show can help increase awareness for your brand.
  • And plenty more.

Listener question and feedback

  • Rolph Binder, a winemaker in the Barossa Valley, offers up a deal to help improve the podcast.
  • Russell has gone out on his own starting a Debt Recovery Agency. He asks a great question about positioning himself in the marketplace and branding himself when he has more than one persona.

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