Full-time student and bakery owner Phillip Kuoch has just launched a donut franchise as well! | #441

Full-time student and bakery owner Phillip Kuoch has just launched a donut franchise as well! | #441

Full-time student Phillip Kuoch fell into the bakery business by accident when his father fell ill shortly after buying the business. Luckily, with 24-hours in everyday, Phillip embraced the challenge and now he’s just launched a brand extension in a donut franchise … and who doesn’t love a donut?!


Here’s the email Phillip sent me requesting to be interviewed. It was a “Yes” from me straight away (Mainly because he was a long time listener ;0):


Hey Timbo!

I’ve been a long time listener and I’ve applied a lot of the advice and stories from your show to my own business over the last three years and I feel like I should give back what I’ve learned to the SBBM community.

Three years ago, I took over a bakery business and lost a lot of business due to my naiveness in taking on the challenge to operate the business without any baking experience. I met with a lot of hardships with the previous owners trying to sabotage me and with many new businesses opening nearby taking away our business. Fast forward three years now, our business is currently booming and we just opened a second store, with a third pop up store opening tomorrow at QV (come and visit!).

We have been ranked as one of the best doughnut shops by several food websites, including the Herald Sun and we also made international news last year by introducing the world’s first croissant-doughnut covered in real 24 karat gold. Not meaning to (humble) brag, but I started this business when I was 21 and ran the business whilst I was completing my undergraduate degree in marketing and journalism.

I’d love to share my story with you and if you were interested to know more, I’d love to talk!


So, in episode 441 of your favourite marketing podcast, Phillip reveals:

  • Why he chose to take on the bakery as well as study at uni full time
  • How he manages his way through adversity
  • What role innovation plays in growing the business
  • How he generates free (global) publicity
  • Why he’s decided to franchise the business
  • How he deals with imposter syndrome
  • And plenty more …


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