The ‘retail is dead’ episode. Plus loads more marketing gold.

The ‘retail is dead’ episode. Plus loads more marketing gold.

Retail’s future (or lack of ;0), cold calling, having a vision, vehicle signage, concept stores, providing a customer experience, self-improvement & promoting a wardrobe business are just some of the marketing mysteries uncovered in this episode of the Small Business Big Marketing show.

Plus I have an intense fireside chat with extreme retailer Brad Smith of motorcycle lifestyle brand Braaap, who’s won way too many business awards for his own good; and on his way to building an Empire.

We are talking marketing G O L D , SBBMers! Marketing goooooold.

I kick things off by tackling a question from the Small Business Big Marketing Forum member, Nick, who asks “What are the rules for vehicle signage?”

This is backed up by some red hot listener feedback (and a question) from new to Australia listener Peter of Raumplus. Besides telling me how much the show has positively impacted his business, he asks how to go about promoting his fancy wardrobe business.

Then last, but by no means least – uh-uh – in rides young Australian Entrepreneur of the Year, Brad Smith of motorcycle lifestyle brand, Braaap.

The guys a freak.

He’s created an amazing brand (with some serious emotional attachment) and in this chat he shares exactly how he’s done it. We chew over:

  • The future of retail. Or is retail dead?!
  • Why it’s critical to have a vision and how to use that vision to grow your business.
  • A fun cold-calling technique involving a mullet and sunglasses.
  • The power of concept stores.
  • How providing an end-to-end customer experience is a game changer.
  • The importance of story telling.
  • Business courage on steroids.
  • How to keep your team motivated.
  • Money V passion.
  • The importance of fear.
  • How to action the big, scary stuff.
  • Growth … Plus so much more it’s freakin’ amazing!

Oh, and check the business awards young Bradley has achieved in his first 26 years walking the planet:

  • 4 x Australian Retail Business of the Year.
  • 2 x Young Australian Entrepreneur of the Year.
  • International Young Entrepreneur of the Year (Runner-Up) – what happened?!
  • Young Australian of the Year – Tasmania.
  • Telstra Business of the Year.

Does the boy sleep?!

OK. You ready team?

This eps not for the faint-hearted.

It’s bulging with marketing gold for the motivated small business owner only.

In fact, it’s got an MG rating. I think I’ll  get a stamp made (just like they do at the flicks … G | PG | M | MA | R | MG!

If you like what you hear then have your say in the comment section below.

If you didn’t like what you hear, then still have your say. I’m a big boy.

Let’s get that marketing discussion happening.

Until next time, may your marketing be the best marketing …


Timbo Reid
Host of Australia’s #1 marketing show

P.S. If you’re finding your marketing tough then head in to the Small Business Big Marketing Forum. I’m in there daily answering your marketing questions. Go!

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