#107 How to turn your passion in to a profitable reality with cocktail entrepreneur Gordon Ryan.

#107 How to turn your passion in to a profitable reality with cocktail entrepreneur Gordon Ryan.

Gordon Ryan owns and runs ReviveR,  a fancy cocktail bar in an old funeral home, that was part of a former hearse garage in downtown Gosford – a regional city just out of Sydney, Australia. No, he’s no goth ;0) Oh, and he’s also a globe-trotting IT trainer for a not-so-small business called Microsoft!  Gordon’s passion for cocktails and for creating what he refers to as a third place for people to spend time in a welcoming environment has lead him to a business he absolutely loves, and that turned a profit after just five-months of trading. Not an insignificant achievement given the substantial sunken costs involved in starting such a business.

In my fireside chat with Gordon he:

  • Reveals how he brought his dream alive.
  • Explains how he manages a corporate and family life, whist being an entrepreneur.
  • Tells us where and from whom his inspiration came from.
  • Explains his pricing strategy.
  • Explains how he goes about some very clever local area marketing to build his tribe.
  • Confirms the importance of creating a brand experience.
  • Shares what keeps him up at nights (besides the odd Zombie!).
  • Tells how he attracts and keeps great staff.
  • And explains why he’s so against umbrellas in cocktails!

PLUS I answer this listener question from listener Justin:

G’day Tim …

I have just finished building a website for a client who is a wholesaler. They have a tonne of stockists and I’m sure that a few of them may need a new website maybe even a shopping cart. Anyway, my question is; what would be the best way to approach those stockists, to offer my services?  I’m currently writing up a case study about the website I’ve just built, it will have some ‘testimonial-gold’ from my client, I would just like to know the best way I could capitalise on the situation.

Thanks … Justin

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