#97 A Little Business Achieving Seriously Big Things (In Just 3-Years).

#97 A Little Business Achieving Seriously Big Things (In Just 3-Years).

Imagine, if in the space of 3 years, you had a thriving business with a major retail presence, a major online presence, the #1 selling book in your industry, were about to launch a second book, had a major joint venture with your city’s biggest public space and were absolutely in love with what you did. Life would be pretty good, huh?

Well, that’s the story of this episode’s guest, Fabian Capamolla, one of the founders (Matt Pember is the other) of the Little Veggie Patch Co.

In this interview Fab shares exactly how they went about achieving so much, so fast. Topics covered include:

  1. The importance of branding and how to choose the right designer.
  2. The power of joint ventures.
  3. How they came to write Australia’s #1 marketing book in 2011.
  4. What having a retail presence has done for business.
  5. How they came to get a joint venture with Melbourne’s Federation Square.
  6. The fact that many business owners undervalue and underestimate their knowledge.
  7. How to do something you absolutely love.
  8. What keeps Fab up at night (and it’s not his wife or kids!).
I so enjoyed this interview. I know you will too.
Plus I tackle a listener question about B2B versus B2C marketing … and how they differ. Or do they??

Links & Resources Mentioned In This Episode ..

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That Durex Condoms billboard I mentioned:

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The Yellow Pages ‘Not Happy Jan’ TV commercial is a great example of B2B marketing that recognises that they’re selling to humans not businesses:

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