A business-triggered breakdown inspired Billie Goat Soap founder Leanne Faulkner to help other small business owners | #437

A business-triggered breakdown inspired Billie Goat Soap founder Leanne Faulkner to help other small business owners | #437

Leanne Faulkner launched Billy Goat Soap from her kitchen in response to her son’s eczema. By 2010 she had 20 employees and sold product in over 2000 outlets across Australia. By 2011 Australian retailing had slowed significantly, and this took a huge toll on her mental health. After some time off, she returned to work, selling the business a year later. Today, Leanne is a small business mentor and well-being adviser who has a deep passion for ensuring other small business owners don’t experience the same lows as she did.



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Fortitude at Work’s Leanne Faulkner also shares:

  • How she grew Billie Goat Soap in to a mini empire
  • The highs and lows she experienced in growing the business
  • How she managed her way through a mental breakdown triggered by the business
  • The signs small business owners should watch out for in regards to managing their mental health
  • How to manage adversity in business
  • And much, much more


Here’s what caught my attention from my chat with Leanne Faulkner:

  1. Plan for your health and wellbeing before you need to.
  2. Talk to someone regularly about how you and your business is going.
  3. Separate yourself from your business.


Leanne Faulkner Interview Transcription


I started off by asking Leanne to describe the early days of billy goats soap.


Sure, well, billy goat actually started because of one of our kids. So he had eczema. Anyone who has had asthma knows that extra asthma live together, and he had both. And i must have been a bit of a frustrated farmer because we have a few acres on the central coast and i had dairy goats. I don’t know why, but dairy goats is a hobby. And when Liam was born, we just use the usual treatment because there’s five kids in the family, and we thought, well, the older ones have had eczema and normal treatment work for them. But, alas, it didn’t, and it was quite a humbling experience. I went off and did a research, as i have a tendency to do and found out the goats milk soap is supposedly good for people with sensitive skin and just sort of i’ve got goats.

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