A behind-the-scenes look at marketing The Voice – Australia’s #1 rating TV show.

A behind-the-scenes look at marketing The Voice – Australia’s #1 rating TV show.

The Voice is currently Australia’s most popular TV show … and Adrian Swift is responsible for making it that way on the Nine Network. In this revealing fireside chat, Adrian takes us behind-the-scenes of how The Voice is marketed, what they learnt from last year’s success (I also interviewed him during The Voice’s first season), what messages work best and how they’re using social media to seriously engage with their audience.

My three big marketing learnings from this interview:

  1. Have one significant call to action in all your marketing communications.
  2. Explore the idea of a Social Hub. Here’s two examples – The Voice’s Social Hub and The City Of Melbourne’s Social Hub.
  3. Listen to your tribe and act on (some of) their advice. David Malone from V8 Supercars does this very well.


PLUS I share what’s going on inside the Small Business Big Marketing Forum – there’s plenty! PLUS I tackle a listener question about transcribing each episode,  another one about the importance of having a sales funnel and one about how I choose guests for the show. Click here if you’d like to suggest someone to be interviewed.


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The Small Business Big Marketing Forum – Chat with me daily about your marketing conundrums.

The Voice’s website.

The Voice’s Social Hub.

The marketing keynote I gave was similar to this one, although it went for an extra hour!

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