Sporting legend turned entrepreneur Matthew Pavlich is disrupting a very antiquated industry | #449

Sporting legend turned entrepreneur Matthew Pavlich is disrupting a very antiquated industry | #449

Retiring in 2016, AFL legend Matthew Pavlich went on to complete his MBA then get involved in his first serious business venture called PickStar, which is now Australia’s largest marketplace to book sporting stars for any event, marketing campaign or fan experience.


In this candid chat Matthew talks about:

  • Life after football
  • Why he loves business so much
  • The similarities between achieving success in business and football
  • Why he’s backing PickStar to disrupt an antiquated marketplace
  • And plenty more …



Here’s what caught my attention from my chat with Matthew Pavlich:

  1. I love how PickStar’s disrupting a very antiquated marketplace.
  2. I love Roger Federer’s quote about “Loving the grind”.
  3. Exercise is so psychologically beneficial.


Matthew Pavlich Interview Transcription



I start off by asking Matthew what life was like after leaving such a coveted football career.



I guess my whole philosophy throughout my 17 years in the AFL was to have a balance and to keep really occupied off the field so I was fortunate to study and discipline to study two degrees while I was playing and have various other interests which no doubt will get into. But from that perspective I think I was always preparing for life after football and having a number of things to keep me occupied. But it’s still a tricky a tricky time to traverse and get through.

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