How do I maximise my eNewsletter open rate that I email each week?

How do I maximise my eNewsletter open rate that I email each week?

Thanks to Darren Finkelstien of St.Kilda Boat Sales for this great online marketing question. I trust the answer below provided by an online marketing expert at Netregistry brings you closer to getting your online marketing sorted.


There are quite few things to consider in regards to your enewsletter open rate:

1)     Good Email marketing software which helps you track your campaigns.

2)     High quality content which is not focussed only on your products.

3)     Good images.

4)     Good engaging headings / subject.

5)     Ensure your newsletters are mobile friendly.

6)     Measure success of campaigns on Google analytics.

7)     Have inner links to blog articles.

8)     Subscribe to competitors newsletter to see what they offer.

9)     Do your subscribers receive exclusive content  that doesn’t appear anywhere else? If a subscriber can’t get your email content anywhere else (and it’s pretty awesome content), you’d better believe that’s going to increase the chance they’ll open it.

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