343 – Michael Klim’s Olympic Successes Have Followed Him Into The World Of Small Business With Milk & Co.

343 – Michael Klim’s Olympic Successes Have Followed Him Into The World Of Small Business With Milk & Co.

Dual Olympic Swimming Gold Medalist, Michael Klim’s success in the pool has followed him into the world of small business with his business Milk & Co.

Having started his male skincare range 8-years ago, he’s now taking on the likes of L’Oreal and other big skincare manufacturers … and winning.

Listen in as Michael explains how he’s built Milk & Co into a global male skincare powerhouse. I interviewed Michael way back in episode 6 of The Small Business Big Marketing Podcast and since then he has gone from 3 products to 60, going up against some pretty big competition, and implementing a distribution strategy that would be the envy of many FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) manufacturers.

We cover plenty of ground in this chat including:

  • How he’s applied his time as an Olympian to growing a successful small business
  • We talk about the power of goal-setting
  • I ask him how his public profile has helped grow his business
  • He shares his biggest challenges and hurdles – yes, even Olympians have them!

The marketing gold doesn’t stop there … I share another low cost marketing idea for you to implement immediately in our new segment lovingly called What Have You Got To Lose? This week’s idea is all about how and why to become a master blog commenter.

And we revisit a past episode in which I spoke to high-flying corporate couple turned cold pressed juice entrepreneurs Nat and Steve.



00:00  Love for Key Person of Influence & WebCentral
00:48   Teaser
01:33  Welcome & overview
03:33  Today’s guest introduction – Michael Klim of Milk & Co
05:50  Interview with Michael Klim of Milk & Co
42:24 Insights into Key Person of Influence & WebCentral
45:00  My Top 3 Attention Grabbers from my chat with Michael Klim of Milk & Co
47:20  What Have You Got To Lose?
50:40  Wrap-up and an insight into both a past guest & next week’s guest




  1. Set goals. As boring as this may sound to some (including me), it’s clearly a strategy that works. In fact, there’s some solid discussion happening inside the the Small Business Big Marketing Club at the moment as we head into the new year.
  2. Be accessible. For someone with Michael’s high profile, he’s incredibly friendly, approachable and accessible. This is a no-cost strategy that you can implement today
  3. Don’t be afraid to touch-up your brand. This has been mentioned in numerous episodes, but it’s worth reiterating. If you haven’t made some improvements to your visual brand identity (Touch Points like your logo, stationery, website, signage) since starting your business, then it’s not a bad thing to consider. Think of it as a bit of a Spring clean – just don’t wait until Spring! Some great resources to get you started are DesignCrowd.com and WebCentral.com.au.




Milk & Co’s official Website

Use discount code Timbo for a whopping 25% discount off all Milk & Co. products

Episode 6 interview with Michael Klim

What Have You Got To Lose? – How and why to become a master blog commenter

BuzzSumo – Find key influencers

Interview with Greene Street Juice Company’s Nat & Steve



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What was your biggest marketing learning or ah-ha moment from this episode?

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