My DNA’s Dr Lior Rauchberger is succeeding at simplifying a complicated business | #379

My DNA’s Dr Lior Rauchberger is succeeding at simplifying a complicated business | #379

MyDNA is potentially a very complicated business. It is, after all, dealing with my (and yours) DNA! That’s why founder Dr. Lior Rauchberger is working hard at simplifying a complicated business.

Although officially a medical doctor, Dr. Lior Rauchberger is equally passionate about technology and innovation. In fact, if the truth be known, he’s a bit of a gadgets freak!

After practising medicine for 9-years, he jumped ship and started Urban Intelligence, a business installing high tech into homes and offices.

With that humming along beautifully, he then sought out his next venture which turned out to be MyDNA … a business that enables you to use your DNA to make the right health choices around things like diet and medication.


I was introduced to Lior by past guest Radek Sali from Swisse Multivitamins, so I knew he’d be good. Truth is, Lior was exceptional. His passion for business, technology, and marketing is addictive, as we cover plenty of ground including:

  • Why he left the relative safety of the medical profession
  • His love of the entrepreneur’s life
  • How he chooses his business ventures
  • How he markets MyDNA – a service that most don’t know exists, and for those that do many think it’s hokus pokus!
  • And so much more


Watch Dr Lior Rauchberger Live Interview


Interviewing the founder of futuristic business MyDNA about how to promote something people don’t understand or think they need!

Posted by Tim Reid on Monday, August 14, 2017



But the marketing gold doesn’t stop there, in this episode you’ll also discover:

  • I’ll show you how to create an insanely helpful email series
  • And we go back into the vault, revisiting a chat I had with high performance expert Mark McKeon


Here’s what caught my attention from chatting with MyDNA’s Dr Lior Rauchberger:

  1. Simplicity – Lior is making the complicated simple. And not just simple to understand, but simple to buy. For example, on the Diet Report page of the My DNA website, it simply reads “Are you on the best diet for your body? Our DNA test can reveal how your body will respond to what you eat and drink, and how you exercise.” Order Now. $99.
  2. Marketing challenge – Lior and his team aren’t kidding themselves about the marketing challenge that lies ahead, knowing they have quite some work to do to break through the cynicism and lack of understanding around the whole DNA thing.
  3. Distribution – Lior’s clearly identified the three groups My DNA needs to get onside – Health professionals, consumers and pharmacists – and has three distinct marketing strategies for them. Sometimes I see business owners stuck trying to influence just one group of influencers, when the reality is, most businesses have a number of groups. If that’s you, then maybe it’s time to cast your net wider.


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