How important is image optimisation for SEO?

How important is image optimisation for SEO?

Listener question from David Joughon of

Q: I hear a lot of talk on both this podcast and Freedom Ocean about SEO. One of the key things you say is to put the keyword in the title. However, you also say to make it appropriate for a human reader. All of this makes sense.  However, I am putting together a website for my wife’s flower store in Taipei, Taiwan,and every other flower store I look at has product titles like, “mystic charm” or “All My Love, ” You get the idea. My question is: Would I be better off just naming my products “24 roses and 6 Lilies”? Obviously no one is searching for “Mystic Charm” delivery. This same question could be asked from both an SEO and a human point of view.

I trust the answer below provided by an online marketing expert at Netregistry brings you closer to getting your online marketing sorted!

A: Google looks at hundreds of different factors before deciding which website should be displayed as a best result for a Google search. Over a period of time, Google has moved away from giving more importance to on page search engine optimisation which included meta tags, image names and headings; and tend to depend on other factors like your off page optimisation such as back links, social bookmarking, photo sharing and business reviews.  In saying this, it is extremely important to name the images based on what they represent and if possible start using image social sites such as Instagram or Pinterest to help promote your product imagery.  This could lead to a lot of sharing and positive SEO liking from search engines.

Image optimisation, as it is known, is increasingly becoming very important.  Recently,  there has been a massive spike in image search on Google and having the right image name will really help your wife’s florist business greatly.  Some things to consider with image optimisation include naming your images in simple terms, include alt tags and  reduce file size of images for optimised loading and web browsing. If you do a google search for “ image optimisation” you will also find some great articles and advise on how to better optimise  and name your images for SEO purposes.

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