How to create a niche blogging strategy

Today’s idea is to create a niche blogging strategy.

Now, you can’t blog just for the sake of blogging, or because someone told you that’s what you’re supposed to do. Nothing annoys me more than seeing a business’s blog where they simply share the awards they’ve won or some half-funny details about a new employee. Well, that’s actually not true, stepping on a piece of Lego annoys me more; But I digress … Back to blogging.


You have to have an intentional strategy in place in order for blogging to help your business in any way.

Consider implementing a Niche-Focused Blog Strategy. It works like this: instead of writing boring blog posts about your company, or generic posts that look like every other blog post from every other businesses in your industry, do something different. Think bigger. Create a niche specific blog that a very focused group of people will come to see and use as a resource to improve their lives.


Here’s my 3-steps to starting a niche blogging strategy:

  1. Familiarise yourself with other niche blogs. Analyse their headlines, their design layouts, writing styles, calls to action. Maybe there’s one you already follow, or you can check out my small business marketing blog.
  2. Next, think about the people you are trying to reach. Who are they? What do they need help with? Use this information to come up with a new focus for your blog. I call it an Editorial Mission and detail how to create one in my book. Try to be uber-specific. When it comes to blogging, broad topics don’t work. People want specifics. Decide on your focus and come up with your first 10 post ideas – even if it’s just the headline for each.
  3. Choose a blog theme for your website on Themeforest or WooThemes. Pick one that looks different than all the other blogs you see on business websites. Hire someone to help you install your theme and make sure to design it in a way so that it’s consistent with your brand.

Pro-Tip: Be consistent. Aim for posting one article per week.


If you’d like help implementing any of the simple marketing ideas I share, go ahead and join The Small Business Big Marketing Club – where I’ll personally support you on your marketing journey.       

So … what have you got to lose?!


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