#46 Noodle Box co-founder, Dave Milne, talks outside the box.

#46 Noodle Box co-founder, Dave Milne, talks outside the box.

Big Dave Milne, co-founder of Australia’s most successful take away noodle chain, joins us on episode 46 of Small Business Big Marketing. He starts off by sharing how the Noodle Box idea came in to being and then quickly shares with us a fantastic guerrilla marketing tactic they employed at the launch .. and yes, it did involve a small element of nudity!

Lukeee revisits that old chestnut of whether Facebook is good for your business – in fact he’s even recorded a short video explaining how to discover if your prospects are on Facebook. Bring that on! And Timbo shares his experience from attending a weekend seminar where 10 future trends were revealed that will have a direct impact on how we do business now and in to the future.

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