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SBBM #19 – Guerrilla Marketing, Blogging & Building Credibility

In Episode 19 of Small Business Big Marketing, Tim and Luke catch up for a chat about Guerrilla marketing, blogging and creating credibility. Tim tells us about his couple of

SBBM #18 – How Send Out Cards is Taking Over the Greeting Card Industry

In our first episode of 2010 we chat with Kody Bateman, founder and director of Send Out Cards. Founded six years ago, Send Out Cards gives members the ability to send a physical greeting card, written in their own hand writing, from an online application. Kody tells us how he got started and why the big greeting card producers should be worried.

The episode includes great tips for leveraging network marketing and will show you how to effectively cut through to your customers with direct marketing.

SBBM #17 – How to Name Your Business & Listener Questions

The final Small Business Big Marketing episode for 2009, episode 17 covers listener questions including how to name a business and where to find marketing inspiration. We recommend some holiday

SBBM #16 – Pay Per Click Advertising and Google AdWords Strategies

Ahhhh…the end of the year is nigh! We can smell the brandy cream and hear the presents being opened already. Welcome to the second last episode of SBBM for our

SBBM #15 – Finding your way to the top of Google

In this episode of Small Business Big Marketing you will hear Luke gush (often uncontrollably) as we speak to Ben and Eugene, a couple of blokes who have got their

SBBM #14 – How “seeding” can help grow your brand – Scott Kilmartin from Haul.

We chat with Scott Kilmartin from Haul about how he’s turning old billboards into highly sought after street wear. Scott shares some of his marketing secrets including how “seeding” upcoming

SBBM #13 – So you want to look big? Marketing insights from The Bra Queen.

Whilst we both (one of us more than the other) show our juvenile (make that immature!) side during our time with The Bra Queen, we think you’ll find this interview

SBBM #12 – Strategies to Help People Find You Online

If the idea of creating a blog for your business is anywhere on your marketing radar but the idea of actually keeping it current and interesting does your head in

SBBM #11 – Making A Real Estate Agency Look Like A Fashion Label

It’s about time. Not since show 4 have we been blessed with the presence of a female. Although some would argue that Luke can be a bit of a girl

SBBM #10 – Finding a Niche in a Crowded iPhone App Marketplace

David Curry, ex advertising exec of over 20-years, cleverly identified a gap in the iPhone application market…one that he himself would never use in a million years; but one that