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#41 Marketing Lessons From Queensland’s Theme Parks.

Having just spent 8 days schlepping through Queensland’s theme parks, Timbo decided he’d turn his family holiday in to a tax deduction by making 10 marketing observations. Afterall, what else

#40 (Pt 2) 3 more marketing must-dos to get your business found online. Plus two listener gift

“Was that the best ever podcast???” asked one listener on the Small Business Big Marketing Facebook Fan Page. Well, we hope not although we’d both have to admit that the

#39 (Pt 1) 4 marketing must-dos to get your business found online. Plus two listener gift

Got a website? Big deal! That’s just the start of the journey to getting found online. You know that, right? The good news is, that there’s a plethora of small

#38 Our 7 Top Marketing Initiatives Of 2010

What…no guest! Never mind, we still manage to fill around 40 minutes with small business marketing drivel (we mean ideas!). This time they’re our ideas…our top 7 in fact that

SBBM #37: How to self publish a book.

The marketing world has changed, goddammit! We, the small business owner, can do anything. Anything the big boys do but better. It’s time for us to strike back with a

SBBM #36: Discover how to save plenty with Google’s alternative to Microsoft Office.

In this jam-packed episode you’ll discover how Google is knocking on Microsoft’s door with their amazingly free and highly effective Google Apps product. Michael McKinnon, from AppsLife, tells us exactly

SBBM #34: Australia’s leading Internet marketer, James Schramko reveals his secrets.

Imagine launching an information product and within 90-minutes earn yourself a sweet six-figure income. That’s exactly what our special guest, James Schramko does. Seriously! As the ex-Sales Director for Mercedes

SBBM #33: Creating a Customer Experience

Retail is highly competitive, particularly when you’re in the coffee business. Callum from Espresso Elements explains how he’s created a point of difference in his cafe by designing a customer

SBBM #32: Interview with Dr Edward De Bono + Answers to Listener Questions

In episode 32 of Small Business Big Marketing, Tim squeezes in a brief interview with the father of creative and innovative thinking, Dr Edward De Bono. We also answer listener

SBBM #31: How to promote a bricks & mortar business online.

This week we speak with another serial entrepreneur…Dave Jenyns owns Planet 13 (an online and offline clothing store that he describes as the Surf Dive & Ski of the music