Podcasting tips for 2020 and beyond with RadioHub founder Cooper Silk | #479

Podcasting tips for 2020 and beyond with RadioHub founder Cooper Silk | #479

RadioHub founder and fellow podcaster Cooper Silk recently attended Podcast Movement, the world’s biggest podcasting conference … and he’s here to share what best-practice podcasting looks like in 2020 and beyond.



A little bit more about fellow podcaster and RadioHub founder Cooper Silk …

I first met this week’s guest over a couple of beers when I was hosting the Australian Podcast Awards last year. And we’ve hit it off ever since.

Cooper Silk is the founder and owner of RadioHub … a high-end, professional podcasting studio set-up in Sydney. He’s also the host of Roosters Radio, which for all you Rugby League fans, is a weekly podcast he puts together for his favourite team.

What’s even more interesting is he’s just back from Podcast Movement in Orlando Florida … the world’s biggest podcast conference.

I joined Cooper at RadioHub’s Sydney studio where we talked about:

  • His top learnings in regards to pre and post production of a podcast
  • New tips, tricks & techniques to help you make a world-class podcast
  • Why we’re lagging behind in podcast production in Australia
  • How the big guys are producing and marketing their shows
  • Why we need to up our approach to podcasting
  • Plus plenty more podcasting insights.



Cooper Silk, fellow podcaster and recent attendee of the world’s biggest podcast event Podcast Movement in Orlando Florida, talks podcasting best practice


Here’s what caught my attention from my chat with RadioHub’s Cooper Silk:

  1. Us independent podcasters must avoid becoming complacent now that all the big media companies are playing in this podcasting space.
  2. There’s plenty more we could be doing post-production to get each episode out there.
  3. If you’re a business owner thinking of starting a podcast but concerned that it’s too late, that there’s already enough out there, then get over it! Your challenge is simply a creative one in ensuring yours is the best!


Leverage your audience to grow your show. Engage with your fans, respond to all their messages. Build one-on-one interactions, and constantly seek feedback.
Cooper Silk,


Cooper Silk Interview Transcription


Cooper Silk. Finally buddy. Welcome to the small business big marketing show. 


Thanks very much, Timbo. Delighted to be here and delighted to have you here in our studio here at Radiohub. 


Well, buddy, I’m really honoured because you’ve been a great help to me over the years and in recent times putting together the podcast for American Express you’ve been the wind beneath my wings for a pre-production point of view so it’s awesome. Buddy, you have been the podcast movement in Orlando one of the few Aussies I hear that has gone there.

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