How to get free exposure for your business.

Now what I’m about to share may fall on deaf ears.

But that’s OK, I need to get it off my chest.

It’s directed at marketing managers and business owners of businesses who use publicity in their marketing strategy.

Now, just recently I received some kind feedback from listener Huskie Lee on last week’s interview with the founder of custom pram maker, Rozibaby.

The feedback read “Great interview Timbo. I felt the PR strategy was a great move for Rozibaby. Do you think PR, as a strategy, will really start to come into its own and gain greater traction given that publishers everywhere are needing more content?”

Great question, Huskie.

Now, whilst I don’t think PR is about to hit a new purple patch in its evolution, I do think that many businesses are under doing it and / or getting it wrong.

Too many are still trying to get articles in magazines, mentions on radio shows or segments on the local TV news.

Now I fully understand their logic –  these mediums are read, listened to and watched by tens of thousands, in some case hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of punters.

But I would argue that these numbers are, on the whole, on the decline, plus the advent of the second and third screen has meant that the TV show viewer, for example, is no longer fully engaged in what they’re watching.

I think the big publicity opportunity lies in businesses targeting podcasters, bloggers and video marketers.

Whilst our audiences may be smaller, certainly in my experience, they’re a hell of a lot more engaged. And they invest a whole lot more in consuming our content.

Think about it.

As a listener of this show, you’ve actively sought it out, you’ve downloaded it to your smart device and have now chosen to allocate time to tune in … many of you even leave comments on the show notes, email me directly (tim(at)smallbusinessbigmarketing(dot)com) or hit me up on the show’s Facebook.

And I do the same with bloggers I read, the podcasters I listen to and video guys I watch.

I truly value what they have to say.

So, it begs the question, why aren’t more businesses including these modern marketing channels on their PR hit list?

I’m guessing because it’s perceived as being too much like hard work for little reward. How wrong they are.

In the five year history of this show, I’ve been sent a box of coconut water to review (yes, coconut water), a load of books from publishers to read and my highlight? An all expenses paid media junket down to the V8 Supercars in Tasmania, where Microsoft launched their Office 360 product to some influential bloggers and podcasters. (It resulted in an interview with V8 Supercar’s CEO).

Now that is smart marketing.

So, my advice is this … if you’re running a publicity strategy then don’t just chase the big guys. There’s a whole lot of us little guys with very loyal audiences. Tribes, in fact.

On that point, Range Rover if you’re listening – I’d be happy to review the new Evoque. Emirates ? Sure, I’ll road test your new first class cabins. And Ralph Lauren … you want to see how I look in the new Winter range? Happy days!

That email again … tim(at)smallbusinessbigmarketing(dot)com


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