[Regional Queensland Special #5 – Bundaberg] Seair’s Pete Gash & Kalki Moon’s Rick Prosser | #571

[Regional Queensland Special #5 – Bundaberg] Seair’s Pete Gash & Kalki Moon’s Rick Prosser | #571

Part 5 of our series showcasing successful regional Queensland business founders take us to sunny Bundaberg, where we go inside two vastly different businesses. It’s episode 571, set amongst the sugar kane, of The (12 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.


Regional Queensland Series – Bundaberg


This week we leave Rockhampton and head down to Bundaberg, the home of the world famous Bundaberg Rum; and whilst we won’t be chatting to the owners of that global brand, we will be hearing from Rick Prosser of the Kalki Moon Distillery which recently won the Best Gin Under $50 at the International Wine & Spirits Show in London.

But first, let’s meet a true Aussie business legend in Pete Gash (or Gashie as he likes to be known) who is the co-owner of the beautiful Lady Elliot Island located at the southern tip of our Great Barrier Reef. Amongst many other accolades, the island is in Trip Advisor’s Hall of Fame!


Pete’s also the founder of Seair, a boutique charter airline with ten aircraft and 100 employees, that flies people up and down the Queensland coast. He’s actually their lead pilot as well … Is there nothing this man can’t do!?


Here’s Pete explaining how his business journey unexpectedly began 38 years ago …



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