Imagine selling a property for $994 million … Real estate agent Bernard Uechtritz did – Here’s his sales tips | #446 [Revisited]

Imagine selling a property for $994 million … Real estate agent Bernard Uechtritz did – Here’s his sales tips | #446 [Revisited]

2016 went down as a banner year for gun real estate agent Bernard “Bernie” Uechtritz. First, there was the historic and record-breaking sale of the Waggoner Ranch for $994M plus he won a slew of industry awards. Immediately when I read about this property for sale I needed to speak with the agent responsible for the sale. How did he get the listing and how is he going to market a property worth close to one billion Australian dollars!?


Join me as I get those questions and many more answered by Texas real estate agent Bernard Uechtritz. Not only is he selling the Waggoner Ranch, but is also responsible for selling some quite stigmatised homes in LA including ones in which murders have taken place! This is a masterclass in how to market expensive real estate. Enjoy!


Bernie also shares:

  • How he got the listing
  • What it takes to go above and beyond when servicing a client
  • The importance of networking
  • Why it’s the simple things in marketing and sales that make the biggest difference
  • And plenty more …



Here’s what caught my attention from my chat with Bernard Uechtritz:

  1. Wear down the Dobermans in order to get to the decision makers.
  2. Show more passion than your competitors in order to get the deal.
  3. Be a hand-shake kind of guy, in a world that spends too much time online.



Bernard Uechtritz Interview Transcription


What took you to the US in the first place?



I left Papua New Guinea in the late 80s 88 89 and I originally traveled. I was traveling around the world. I was going to meet a mate of mine in Greece and I got to America and didn’t get past go. I flew into Kentucky. Fell in love with it. I fell in love with a girl there fell in love with the horses there started playing polo and 25 years later here I am married four kids and have been really lucky.

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