#124 Commonfolk Coffee Company – A cool cafe in a not so cool part of town.

#124 Commonfolk Coffee Company – A cool cafe in a not so cool part of town.

Sam Keck has just started the Commonfolk Coffee Company – a very cool cafe where he roasts and serves his own coffee, served expresso or drip filter style. The decor is industrial sheik, the staff are as well – the menu is limited but yum, and there’s no shortage of cool customers coming in and out on a regular basis. Now that all sounds pretty normal – and I guess you’re thinking, which cool inner-city suburb is it located? It’s not! Commonfolk Coffee Company sits plumb in the middle of the Mornington industrial estate – alongside panel beaters, car yards and welding shops!

And therein lies its massive point-of-difference.

This is the story of a brave 25 year old entrepreneur who recently graduated from a Marine Zoology university degree to live his (and my!) passion – COFFEE! Sam talks about where the idea came from, why he chose such a challenging location, how he intends getting the word out and the importance to him of building a tribe.

This is an inspiring interview for anyone who has a dream but can’t quite see how they can make it happen.

PLUS (there’s always more, isn’t there?!) …. I’m happy to report of a business success one of my recent guests had as a direct result of appearing on the Small Business Big Marketing show. So, grab a latte, have pen and paper at the ready and enjoy!

Commonfolk Coffee on Small Business Big Marketing
Commonfolk Coffee Company

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