SBBM #15 – Finding your way to the top of Google

SBBM #15 – Finding your way to the top of Google

In this episode of Small Business Big Marketing you will hear Luke gush (often uncontrollably) as we speak to Ben and Eugene, a couple of blokes who have got their heads and business well and truly around the online marketing world. Owners of the Melbourne business Noble Samuri, the boys reveal how you can find your way to the top of Google with some basic understanding of key words….why a key word isn’t a key word….plus you’ll hear about an amazing 30-day FREE program that takes you step-by-step through how to make your first dollar online.

BUT, even more importantly, at least in Tim’s eyes (!!) is the launch of A HEALTHY APPROACH TO MARKETING – a five-day marketing and well-being retreat held in Bali in April 2010 and facilitated entirely by Tim. And, as a listener, if you register now (and there’s only 10 spots available) Luke and Tim will produce FREE a 20 minute episode of SMALL BUSINESS BIG MARKETING focussed 100% on solving marketing challenges for your business. This is our Spotlight product and normally costs $497!

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Show notes

A Healthy Approach To Marketing
30-Day Challenge
Permission Marketing
Live Scribe Pulse Pen
Pivotal Tracker
Screen Flow
Go To Meeting
Base Camp
Google Reader

Finding your way to the top of Google (PDF Transcription)

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