SBBM #28: How to generate free publicity.

SBBM #28: How to generate free publicity.

Rebecca Derrington Source Bottle

Free publicity. Bring that on! And no, it’s not a joke. The very lovely Rebecca Derrington, founder and owner of Source Bottle shows you exactly how to get it.

Plus we are mightily proud to announce the coming together of Small Business Big Marketing and Flying Solo … Australia’s #1 site for the micro business owner. Hi Guys! As of this episode we will be their exclusive podcast.

And here’s this week’s show notes:

Source Bottle (Free publicity!)

Flying Solo (Our new partner in crime)

Small Business Big Marketing Intensive (Our upcoming marketing workshop for small business owners)

ProBlogger’s Book (A must-have if you do or are thinking of blogging)

Help A Reporter Out (For our American friends and those who want some PR in the US of A)

Flip Shelton interview (How to work with a publicist)

Sam Maratino interview (How to get your business on TV)

The Transcription People (The folk who lovingly transcribe every one of our shows…use them!)

Sticky Names Workshop (When you need a sticky name for a business, product, service or promotion)

The Sony Bloggie (Amazing camera for video blogging)

Google Forms (An easy way to create online surveys)

Skype (Just get it!)

Free marketing ideas (One per week for 52-weeks! Straight out of Tim’s best-selling marketing book Cha-Ching!)

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