How healthy is your website?

I call today’s idea “website maintenance 101”.

Business owners, listen up!!

You need to be keeping your website updated and it needs to be done on a regular basis. A website is like a car and it needs to be serviced regularly!

Sadly, most business owners, spend 5-10k to get a new flashy website but then they forget about it… and that’s a bad idea!

First and foremost, if you’re not updating software, it can become a hacking opportunity those dodgy characters out there. Yes, people actually spy on outdated websites, hacking into them and using them to spend spam and other use them for other malicious activities.

Then there are the plugins that you’re using, these add extra functionality to your site (like booking calendars, product finders, SEO and security plugins) they need to get updated too.

Obviously like all things in life, without regular maintenance, things break. Which is a bad thing when your website is the most important marketing asset you have! So take my advice and service your website on a regular basis.

Would you like a hand to audit your website?

Get a copy the Authority Content (Amazon Bestseller) and see chapter 11 (page 97) or…

Contact the team at Melbourne SEO Services and they can do it for you.

Either way, get it on your calendar for a regular review!

This SEO tip was kindly provided by David Jenyns of

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