Do you get SEO spam emails? Who doesn’t!

I call today’s idea the “How to decide if SEO is right for you” calculation.

Spam SEO emails are on the rise, yet we all know you can’t get #1 on Google for $99 per month. I’m sure every business owner gets these emails offering guarantees, smoke and mirrors.

The sad thing is, it must be working, someone is replying, that’s why they keep on sending those emails! It’s a numbers game.

So what should you be doing?

First and foremost, don’t reply to these offers! They’re a waste of time and money – clearly.

Next up, you need to understand that SEO isn’t right for everybody. You need to do your sums to make sure it will work for your business. Start by asking questions like:
– How much competition have you got?
– What products and services are you selling?
– What are the prices of your products and services?
– How many additional products and services do you need to sell just to reach break-even?

Using this information, you can then determine if SEO even make sense for your business.

Finally, do your research to find a quality SEO provider. Looks for someone with experience and a great reputation (industry leaders are best) and most importantly, someone with transparent practices.
Here’s a quick video from Google to help you find a quality SEO.

Long story short, there’s a bit of work to be done before you start SEOing your site.

Need some help making the right decision?

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This SEO tip was kindly provided by David Jenyns of

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