Does your business serve multiple locations? Use this SEO strategy.

I call today’s idea “Using customer testimonials to rank better in Google.”

Have you ever visited a website where they list every suburb in your state down in the footer?

You know the ones where, when you click on some of the pages, they’re almost exactly the same. Typically all that’s changed is the suburb name itself.

These pages are usually created by someone who’s using outdated SEO strategies designed to “game the system”… but as we both know, Google is so much smarter than that.

Google calls these sorts of pages, “Doorway pages” and they’re consider as spam. In fact, if you have these sorts of pages on your site, there’s a good chance you are being penalised as a result. This will be hurting your traffic and rankings. Don’t take my word for it – here’s what Google says.

The good news is… there is a better way to rank for these sorts of geographic terms.

Create high quality case studies with your clients and publish them on your blog. Each case study can target a different location – a location where the client lives! Use photos, videos, written text. This is a legitimate, value added way to build content relevant to a specific location and you know the best bit? Google and your projects love them!


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