Site Boost – Make Your Website Work Harder


“I’ve spent a fortune on my website and I don’t even know if it’s getting me any business.”

“I’m wanting to update my website and really want to get it right this time.”

“I know my business needs a website, but don’t know where to start.”

We hear this from our listeners and clients all the time. PLUS, in our travels we’ve created a number of successful websites AND spent time with business owners who’s websites generate some serious return – both in dollar terms, enquiry and list building.

So we’ve created SITE BOOST … 2+ hours of video training showing you the exact characteristics of a successful website AND how to apply them to your current or future site. Broken down in to individual sessions, we go in to detail on Set-Up, Usability, Trust Factors, Content, Search Engine Optimisation, List-Building, Design, Continual Improvement PLUS we cover key concepts that make improving your website even easier.

Every insight is backed up by a real life example. All 72 insights, in fact.

A website should be a cornerstone of any marketing strategy. If you know what you’re doing then having a website that actually grows your business shouldn’t be that hard. SITE BOOST shows you exactly what to do.

Site Boost should save you thousands of dollars and tens of hours in wasted time by showing you how to get your website right – once and for all.

Enjoy two chapters on us …



Gain immediate access to the Member’s Area containing:

1. All 9 video chapters;
2. The audio files of every chapter to download to your iPod;
3. The entire slide deck to scribble your action points on;
4. Life time updates.


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