Smart social media usage grew this third-generation chocolate shop | #524

Smart social media usage grew this third-generation chocolate shop | #524

Do you reckon Willy Wonka would have used social media to grow his business? Selfies with Oompa Loompas! Some behind-the-scenes action of the All-Day-Gobstoppers being made. Well, we’ll never know, but what we do know is that Australia’s answer to Willy Wonka is all over it. It’s a scrum-diddly-umptious episode 524 of The (11 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.


Big Episode Today

  • We meet a legal drug dealer! At least that’s what he refers to himself as … Actually, he’s a third-generation chocolate shop owner who attributes his ongoing success to his love of social media.
  • This week’s Monster Prize Draw winner has seen a “massive increase in conversions” (her words, not mine!) thanks to a simple idea picked up from this podcast.
  • Plus I let you in on next week’s guest who’s slowly but surely building an iconic Aussie brand.


A Little More About Perfection Chocolates & Sweet’s Johnny Kapos AKA Chocolate Johnny

I first saw today’s guest, Johnny Kapos (or Chocolate Johnny as he loves to be known) keynote speaking at a conference I was also speaking at about 5 years ago.

His knowledge and experience about how to use social media to grow a business was impressive. So impressive that if you didn’t know he was a third-generation chocolate shop owner, it would have been reasonable to have thought he was from some fancy digital marketing agency!

Johnny owns Perfection Chocolates & Sweets in Sydney’s Rose Bay, a business his grandfather started in 1939.  

And he prides himself on being an early adopter and practitioner of most social media channels. In particular, his use of live streaming has been instrumental in keeping this classic family-run business alive.

Not only has he built  a strong business and personal brand using these channels, but he’s been very clever in converting his tens of thousands of followers into loyal, paying customers … from around the world, and not just around the corner!

I started off by asking Chocolate Johnny what his favourite chocolate treat is …


Timbo’s Top 3 Attention Grabbers

  1. I love how upbeat and positive Johnny is.  What a great business mission he has … to make people feel loved. And what was his comment? It takes exactly the same energy to smile as it does to frown!
  2. I loved his take on apps … and new social media apps in particular, asking himself one simple question … “How can I make money from it?”
  3.  And I love how he uses social media to guide his followers to where he wants them … either inside his store, or buying from him online. And I especially love his use of live streaming.


social media expert Johnny Kapos


Last Week’s Episode of The Small Business Big Marketing Podcast

Episode 523 – Personal tragedy inspired the launch of TradeMutt.


Monster Prize Draw Winner

Resume writer and career support provider Nicole Wren of Go Resumes.


Thanks for tuning in. May your marketing be the best marketing.



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