Snot! Yes snot! That’s what Laura Klein is building her empire on | #451

Snot! Yes snot! That’s what Laura Klein is building her empire on | #451

As you may know, one of my favourite types of guests to have on this show is a long-time listener. A business owner who has a huge amount of respect for marketing, and someone who’s actively implementing the ideas they pick up from listening in.


Well, that sums up today’s guest beautifully. Here’s what she said to me in an email a few weeks ago:

“Hey Timbo, let me know if you’d like to interview a long-time listener, and an awesome Mumpreneur who’s been in business for 5 years, has cracked the $1 million mark per year, mainly from a little battery-powered snot sucker!!  Hint hint – me!!”

And the email was signed Laura Klein, … Gadgets for good health and good sleep.

Well, she had my attention, so I called her up for a chat only to find that she was running a very serious little business … one not to be sneezed at ;0)  (I promise that’s the first and last Dad joke for this episode). is an online store, with 25 SKUs, six staff, it’s had some serious media coverage and it turned over $1.7M in the last 12-months.


In this candid chat Laura shares:

  • Why teaching was stifling her creativity
  • How she came across the Battery Powered Snot Sucker
  • The power of a fun business name
  • Why she’s determined to remain a niche business
  • Marketing strategies that are working for her
  • And plenty more …



Here’s what caught my attention from my chat with Snotty Noses’ Laura Klein:

  1. The courage she showed in naming her business Snotty Noses.
  2. I love Laura’s philosophy around “There’s money in the follow-up.”
  3. Her respect for email marketing, plus she’s segmenting her database. (refer to Dan Fagella episode 412)



Laura Klein Interview Transcription



So let’s go and meet the woman behind the battery powered snot sucker Laura Klein.



I was a primary school teacher and I took leave and had one baby in 2008. Second Baby in 2010 third baby in 2012. So it was a busy time. And as you can imagine there was a fair bit of snot around our house with three kids under the age of four and a year earlier I was looking through parenting magazine in Brisbane and I saw this ad

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Here’s the flashmob video Laura talks about in the interview:


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