Sponging it up!

Timbo –

Thanks for all your great content. LOVE listening to the show. Sponging it up!, and have done since about 8 mths ago.

I’m a Melbournian living in the USA for the past 10 yrs (with my darling American bride, in Maine which is far northeast where it snows like a bastard.)

Now running a successful commercial solar heating company called “Shift Energy”. I launched the company in 2008. I get home every couple of years, and would love to buy you a beer when I’m next in Oz.

I’m totally guilty of listening to too much podcasting between SBBM and Freedom Ocean, and not having anywhere near enough action to support my listening capabilities… My struggle is listening to so much content – and then not knowing where to get started…

Have you ever thought about doing a “before & after” on certain marketing strategies? (ie. Have someone share their issues, thoughts, questions etc. BEFORE starting their “new website, facebook campaign, google adwords campaign, trade show campaign etc.”. Then have them come back 6 mths later or so to share their outcomes and lessons learned?)

I’d be game to be a guinea pig regarding my website if it would be valuable to listeners/community/other small business owners. I’d be happy to share with you (in writing, voice, phone call, video or interview) what I’ve taken away from my SBBM podcast learnings. (ie. What has hit home for me the most, and what has been confusing as a novice, where I’ve lost my way, and how I’ve found it again.)

My website is my biggest need of work right now, and I’ve struggled to get this going because I got so bloody inspired, yet confused about what to do first, how to do it, what it should cost – and so nothing’s happened until now. Right now I have a static iweb (apple) website that I built myself. To upgrade to what I truly want is a major undertaking in time and investment, but I’m ready to do it, and just about to take the leap.

My quest… “Build a website that is my first sales employee”… happy to share my learnings at some point if it would be useful to the community. Just not sure how to best do it.

Thanks a million for all your work, ideas and motivation. Hope to meet up with you some day soon.


Mick Dunn


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