#51 Email Marketing. Copywriting. Facebook Ads. Statistics. (Part 1)

#51 Email Marketing. Copywriting. Facebook Ads. Statistics. (Part 1)

We know, we know … we said we were going to take two-months off and recharge, and get creative and all that stuff. But guess what? We couldn’t wait. Plus Lukeee missed Timbo way too much.

Soooo … in Part 1 of Episode 51 of Australia’s favorite small business marketing show – Small Business Big Marketing – we cover some serious marketing ground:

  • Lukeee talks about how to build an email marketing list;
  • We answer a listener question from Katie at Midnight Music about interpreting website’s statistics using Google Analytics;
  • Lukeee reveals his favorite business book of all times;
  • We talk about the importance of copy-writing; AND
  • Timbo talks to Matt Simpson (AKA the Scribe Devil) who not only knows one hell of a lot (‘scuse the pun!) about interactive marketing for business BUT, and here’s where it gets interesting, used Facebook Ads for his own evil (another pun!) purposes to find his life partner. The outcome will surprise you.

Small Business Big Marketing – Links & Resources Mentioned In The Show:

How to build an email marketing list – Lukeee’s newest baby.

Ready. Fire. Aim. – Lukeee’s favorite business book.

Convince & Convert – A great website that provides social media insight.

The Now Revolution – Mentioned by Matt in this episode’s interview.

Duration: 40 minutes / 44MB


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