A crippling illness hasn’t stopped Surefire Boards’ founder Mick Slattery from wanting to build a global surf brand | #476

A crippling illness hasn’t stopped Surefire Boards’ founder Mick Slattery from wanting to build a global surf brand | #476

Today’s guest is on a mission to create a global surf brand – despite at one point having to write a farewell letter to his wife and kids 80kms off the coast of Sumatra! It’s a roller-coaster ride of an episode 476 of The (award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing Show thanks to American Express.


Long-time listener and Surefire Boards founder Mick Slattery shares how he’s on a mission to create a global surf and stand-up paddle board brand, despite some business and personal challenges that have been thrown his way.


A little bit more about Surefire Boards’ Mick Slattery

Mick Slattery is the founder of Surefire Boards, a small stand-up paddle and surf board business based in NSW.

He started the business as a side-hustle in 2009 before going full-time a few years later, only to contract an auto-immune disease that nearly crippled his dream.


Mick made the trip up from Sydney to join me in my Noosa studio where we  talked about:

  • The challenges of taking the business from a side-hustle to a full-time concern
  • What to do when a price war starts in your industry
  • How contracting an auto-immune disease changed everything
  • The joys of manufacturing in China
  • And plenty more


Surefire boards mick slattery


Here’s what caught my attention from my chat with Surefire Boards’ Mick Slattery:

  1. When a price fight begins in your industry avoid getting caught up in it … instead, remain focussed on what you’re best at … in Mick’s case it was producing a quality product.
  2. I love how Mick remained positive through those tough times as he dealt with his auto-immune disease – instead of being the victim and looking for others to blame, he was always looking for the upside.
  3. I loved Mick’s overall enthusiasm. He flew up from Sydney for the interview / he was excited to be in the studio taking lots of videos / he got me to ring a mate of his who listens to the show … and then he was off to visit retailers in the local area.


Mick Slattery Interview Transcription


So Mick Slattery finally mate. Welcome to the small business big marketing show. 


Awesome. Thanks so much. 


I’ve just got one question for you mate.

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