Tim Reid marketing ideas

#115 The marketing year in review. What a massive year of marketing ideas it’s been!

I recorded this episode on New Year’s Eve 2012, and was in quite the reflective mood. It’s been a massive year of marketing ideas at the SBBM HQ, with so many amazing guests coming through the door and sharing some marketing gold.

Whilst I’m not usually a big one for looking back, setting resolutions and generally getting in to a reflective mood, the general consensus on show’s Facebook and LinkedIn group suggested that’s what you wanted to hear.

So what I’ve done is highlighted some highlights! Guests that left a marketing mark, insights that we could all use to help grow our business some random ramblings that caught my eye throughout the year. I also take you behind the scenes on my journey to losing 30KG over the past 12-months and talk about what I’ve got planned to help improve your marketing for the year head. Enjoy ;0)