#115 The marketing year in review. What a massive year of marketing ideas it’s been!

#115 The marketing year in review. What a massive year of marketing ideas it’s been!

I recorded this episode on New Year’s Eve 2012, and was in quite the reflective mood.

It’s been a massive year of marketing ideas at the SBBM HQ, with so many amazing guests coming through the door and sharing their  marketing gold.

Whilst I’m not usually a big one for looking back and setting resolutions, the general consensus on my show’s Facebook and LinkedIn group suggested that’s what you wanted to hear.

So what I’ve done is highlighted the highlights! Guests that left a marketing mark, insights that we could all use to help grow our business, some random ramblings that caught my eye throughout the year. I also take you behind the scenes on my journey to losing 30KG over the past 12-months and how you can apply the same principles to marketing your business; oh, and I talk about what I’ve got planned to help improve your marketing for the year head.

So, grab a cuppa, a piece of that left over plum pudding, fall on to the nearest hammock and hit play.

Past episodes mentioned in this reflection:

Big Richard Condoms’s Lloyd Perry – Packages / S-Commerce / Delivery truck.
Killer Innovation’s Phil McKinney – Killer questions, Challenge conventions / What do people hate about doing business swith you?
Will It Blend with Tom Dickson – Don’t tell me you’re funny, tell me a joke.
Blue Fish’s Steve Sims – 1st interview post Luke leaving. Call anyone!
How to write a book, Andrew Griffiths – KPI, Joint Ventures, Funny Business.
Creator of America’s best sandwich, Tommy Nicilosi – Quality and love for product.
Fab (Little Veggie Patch) and Uge (AquaBumps) – Living the dream, working their passion.
The Voice’s Adrian Swift – I was going to start BBBM!
Creating amazing videos with your iPhoneJules Watkins – A popular How To interview.
Streat’s Rebecca Smart – Making a difference and money all at the same time.
Tom O’Toole (Beechworth Bakery) – Honesty and passion.
Flip Shelton – Creator of National Porridge Day.

Oh, and I also got involved in a national day, thanks to my friends at Flying Solo:

I took Flying Solo’s National Work In The Nude Day very seriously. I hope you did, too!

And the quote that’s driving me to bigger and better things this year?

“Be generous and do something that scares you.”

Thanks to Seth Godin for this gem.


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14 thoughts on “#115 The marketing year in review. What a massive year of marketing ideas it’s been!”

  1. Thank YOU, John. I’ve really appreciated your involvement throughout the year. Looking forward to more of it in 2013.

  2. Buttonscreative

    From the Incredibles? Good on you Timbo. I lost 21Kg a year ago. You will feel like a new man! Totally worth the effort!

  3. Great to hear your summary of the year Timbo, and thanks for sharing your personal journey. Looking forward to more Deep Dive Mastermind for 2013 – I’m loving it!

  4. Hey Tim, Just listened to this episode, great stuff. You mentioned getting a sponsorship and how you went about getting a sponsor. Do you think that might be a good interview topic for the show. Sponsorship? I would love to hear something like that. What do you think?

  5. Thanks for your kind words, Jen. I’m very much looking forward to a big year for the marketing of small businesses – there really never has been a better time to own one. And I love having you on the Deep Dive Mastermind – great to know you’re benefitting from it.

  6. Absolutely Adam. If there are particular questions you have around the sponsorship topic, then let me know as they can shape who I get on to interview.

  7. I guess because I am in the middle of organising sponsorship for one of my projects right now the biggest question I have is what are the most important things to address? and furthermore, what order or priority do you address them in? I would imagine a sponsorship proposal would be written very similar to a sales letter, including the benefits of getting involved and answering any objections to getting involved.
    I would be interested to hear the process you took in approaching this and it might be a topic to discuss with your part-time co-host, Andrew so the focus is on your journey instead of your guest. It might also be a good excuse to get Luke back on the show for a special appearance. (hint hint 🙂 Just throwing some ideas around.

  8. Thanks Andrew. I can certainly cover all that you mention. Having Andrew throw it around with me is a good idea. Getting Lukeee back on? Good idea. He’s got a great head for podcasting ;0)

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