Lloyd Perry, Big Richard Condoms

#83 Big Richard Condom’s Lloyd Perry Talks Marketing.

Well, I could summarise this interview as being all about how to market condoms. HOWEVER, it’s so much more than that. In fact, Lloyd Perry from Big Richard Condoms actually set out to create a clothing brand, but, thanks to a Venture Capitalist with a sense of humour (what?!) he ended up starting and running a condom business. So, in this revealing interview (BTW, it’s not one for the kids’ ears) we go under the covers (pun intended) and get some fantastic insights in to very smart marketing strategies around ….

magazine advertising

#70 How to make magazine advertising work.

As Marketing Manager at Terrain Tamer 4WD, Brent Hutchinson’s aim is to make every advertising dollar return multiples. And that’s exactly what he’s doing. In this interview, you’ll hear how Brent’s turned a magazine advertising spend with Australia’s leading 4WD magazine in to a video marketing strategy in which the magazine needs him more than he needs the magazine. This is a great exercise in developing an emotional attachment with your audience and building a strong, energetic brand.

Using Google Analytics to Plan Your Advertising Placement

Planning an above the line advertising campaign for your small business? Before you decide where you’re going to advertise, geographically speaking, take a look at your Website analytics first. With Google Analytics installed on your website you can run a Town/City visitor report (Visitors > Map Overlay) and discover where your visitors are located, finding the highest …

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SBBM #22 – Is Advertising for You? Russel Howcroft Thinks So.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with our beguile of of the advertising industry, just read the first chapter of Timbo’s book – Cha Ching. However, we thought we’d get Russel Howcroft, arguably Australia’s “Mr Advertising”, on the show to defend his industry. Russel tells us about his advertising background, the success of the …

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