5 Advertising Fails Including Brad Pitt’s Worst Moment. Ever.

I’ve always said, big brands, pay big agencies, big money for big ideas.

And sometimes this results in some fun advertising.

Other times, advertising can be a complete shambles.

Here’s 5 advertising fails to put a smile on your dial …


1.  Zero budget here. What was the owner thinking?


advertising fail


2.  Again, what was the owner thinking?
Trying to bring some business forward?


advertising fail


3.  Brad, Brad, Brad. You wait for the gag, but it never comes. Inevitable?



4.  Some times it’s best to spell it out. Don’t let a lamp post get in your way.




5.  I can only think the owners are mates, sharing a similar sense of humour.


advertising fails


Which puts the biggest smile on your dial?



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