disruptive marketing ideas

281 – Disruptive marketing ideas rock. And Ben Walker, a 26-year old CPA, is nailing some.

Hey, what kind of business do you reckon this is? It’s got a cafe that’s not open to everyone. The cafe’s got beer taps. It has weekly gatherings of up to 30 people. And you can’t be a client if you can’t use an iPad. No idea? It’s an accounting firm. And a very disruptive one at that! (I do love disruptive marketing ideas!)

CPA Ben Walker opened the doors at Inspire CA three years ago, and from the very start he was determined not to make this any old accounting firm. He wanted it to stand out from the pack, to challenge the conventions of an industry that (some would argue) is trapped back in the 80s.

Listen in to find out what he’s done and how it’s impacted his business.