281 – Disruptive marketing ideas rock. And Ben Walker, a 26-year old CPA, is nailing some.

281 – Disruptive marketing ideas rock. And Ben Walker, a 26-year old CPA, is nailing some.

Hey, what kind of business do you reckon this is? It’s got a cafe that’s not open to everyone. The cafe’s got beer taps. It has weekly gatherings of up to 30 people. And you can’t be a client if you can’t use an iPad. No idea? It’s an accounting firm. And a very disruptive one at that! (I do love disruptive marketing ideas!)

CPA Ben Walker opened the doors at Inspire CA three years ago, and from the very start he was determined not to make this any old accounting firm. He wanted it to stand out from the pack, to challenge the conventions of an industry that (some would argue) is trapped back in the 80s. Not unlike the way Clarissa Hayward is challenging the stuffy legal industry.

So, what’s Ben doing differently, you ask? Plenty. He’s built a fully-fledge cafe inside (Inspire Cafe) the office with meeting rooms and beer taps to boot! He wont take you on as a client unless you meet his very strict criteria (including the ability to sue an iPad!).  Plus plenty more convention-challenging strategies that he shares in today’s fireside chat.

Plus I share 6 ways a listener (who builds driveways) can add some little one percenters to their marketing strategy to show their customers just how much they care.

Yep, you guessed it …  it’s another big show of Australia’s (the world’s?) best marketing podcast.

Let’s do this!

Oh, and if you’re wondering what a disruptive marketing idea is:

In truth, disruption is more a business model than a marketing approach. Most companies still tend to market through traditional means, which provide plenty of opportunities for rival companies to disrupt current messages. However, consumers have become stubbornly resilient to shifting messages, thanks to an increasingly crowded market. To combat this, a company’s product or service must innovate and and pay attention to consumers, delivering exactly what the market wants.

OK, on with the show …



00:36  Welcome & overview
03:01  Today’s guest introduction – Ben Walker
04:35  Interview with Ben Walker – Part 1
18:26  Insights in to Key Person Of Influence
19:44  Interview with Ben Walker – Part 2
34:25  My top 3 marketing learnings fro my chat with Ben Walker
36:35  Motivational marketing quote of the week
36:51  Timbo tackles a listener question about caring for customers
41:18  Wrap-up and insights in to next week’s guests



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Ben Walker’s Inspire CA website

Inspire Cafe’s website

Gunprofiling’s website – thanks for the iTunes review and question

Oh, and here’s the video Ben mentioned when I asked him about his bucket list:






  1. Don’t be afraid to focus your efforts on attracting and retaining a very specific type of client.
  2. Ask yourself “What is something physical you could add to your business that clients would value hugely?” It doesn’t need to be a cafe, but you know what I mean ;0)
  3. I love Ben’s Look Under The Hood concept. It’s a great way to determine if a client is right for you, and if you are right for them.




“Your customer doesn’t care how much you know,
until they know how much you care”

Damon Richards




What was your biggest marketing learning or ah-ha moment from this episode?

Leave your comment below.

My guest and I respond to each and every comment.


13 thoughts on “281 – Disruptive marketing ideas rock. And Ben Walker, a 26-year old CPA, is nailing some.”

  1. Great episode Timbo. Really appreciate you interviewing someone who also works in the advice space. The jetman thing is not on my bucket list – though we may be attending a conference in Dubai next year. Hopefully you’ll be a part of it. Cheers

  2. I’m with you re the Jet pack, Steve! Please connect me with the conference organiser. I’ve only done one in Dubai and it was fantastic.

  3. Hi Timbo, Great episode. It was so great to hear what a traditional service providor is doing to shake up their industry,As a fellow service providor there was so much information. You are right when you said a wise head on young shoulders. I have a long list of thinks written down to do now for 2016.

  4. This guy is firing on ALL cylinders! Wow. Stand out and be different! Love the focus too Ben. I’m curious as to what topics you have covered at your events, and if you fill the room every time. Do you ever recommend books to your clients? Have you heard of Scaling Up? Fantastic for anyone trying to go BIG. But they have to do the little things well first.

    What about a JV between the two of you! Very similar passions and why’s. Just a thought.

    Keep bringing great value to you clients! With the referrals AND you great marketing, you will keep killing it. Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Wow – awesome podcast –
    being an accountant myself could really relate to this and feeling that I am
    still dealing with some dinosaurs – especially the big firms who often do not
    return phone calls – what a breath of fresh air – loved every
    minute – you certainly make your guests ( even accountants) feel at ease to
    share all

  6. Thanks Sean. I really appreciate your kind feedback. Might be time to farewell some of those dinosaurs in your business life 🙂

  7. I’m not sure. We should discuss in the forum. Scaling up is more than a book…it’s a business class. I’m going through it with Devon.

  8. I love Ben’s Look Under The Hood concept too. I’ve had a client or two that I accepted to work with that I should have “Looked Under The Hood” before I started working with them. I will certainly remember this one. Thanks Ben 🙂

  9. Yep, ‘Under The Hood’ i s a great idea, appropriately named, Andrew. I always do a 15-minute Discovery Call with potential coaching clients to ensure best fit for both of us.

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