Direct Marketing

Six examples of a ‘Product For Prospects’.

At a workshop I attended recently, a lead capture strategy called ‘Product For Prospects’ was revealed. It’s an elegantly simple way of convincing a prospect to exchange their contact details or a small amount of money for something of high-perceived value from your business (at low cost to you).

SBBM #18 – How Send Out Cards is Taking Over the Greeting Card Industry

In our first episode of 2010 we chat with Kody Bateman, founder and director of Send Out Cards. Founded six years ago, Send Out Cards gives members the ability to send a physical greeting card, written in their own hand writing, from an online application. Kody tells us how he got started and why the big greeting card producers should be worried.

The episode includes great tips for leveraging network marketing and will show you how to effectively cut through to your customers with direct marketing.