Six examples of a ‘Product For Prospects’.

At a KPI workshop I attended recently, a lead capture strategy called Product For Prospects was revealed (by Daniel Priestley).

It’s an elegantly simple way of convincing a prospect to exchange their contact details or a small amount of money for something of high-perceived value from your business (at low cost to you).

There are many forms a product for prospects can take (online and offline), however for simplicities’ sake, I want to keep this post to ways of creating one online that you provide in exchange for contact details.

Before I do, here are the six fundamentals that underpin the product for prospect’s concept:

  1. You are doing it solely to acquire contact details in order to begin a sales conversation (not to make bucket loads of cash … yet). You’re aim is to create ‘pre-sold prospects’
  2. The content should contain ideas & philosophies that are highly appealing / useful to your market.
  3. The content is of high perceived value to the recipient (even better if it offers them a quick win) and is of relatively low cost to the business who’s offering it.
  4. They contain a clear and strong call to action (not a sales pitch, just a call to action) – this is really importnat, as why would you provide such valuable information without giving prospects the chance to get more of what it is you’ve got? Calls to action include your contact details, links to sales / product pages on your website, or specific instructions about what to do next.
  5. The more contact details you ask for the less prospects will sign up. The inverse of that is that those that do will be hot, hot, hot!
  6. Lead with your best stuff. Your best tips, your most insightful knowledge. Don’t feel like you’re giving away the farm, because in my experience, if prospects like what you’ve shared they’ll want more of you.

Now, before I share some examples of online products for prospects, you need to know how you’ll distribute them. Well, there’s a few ways, but the one I use successfully is this … You place a registration form (created in Aweber – an opt-in email marketing program) on your website (Home and secondary pages) that asks for prospects’ details in exchange for your product for prospects. When a prospects complets the form, Aweber will automatically send them your product for prospects. PLUS, and this is where it gets really cool, it can continue to send them emails with more products for prospects, at intervals which you determine.

OK, so now that you get the concept, let me bring it to life by showing you six forms a product for prospects can take online.

Special Reports

Also referred to as a guide, a white paper or blue print, it contains useful information that will help a prospect solve a problem; or provides them with highly useful information that improves their personal or business life. ‘How to’s’ are great (the most searched prefix on the internet!), guides that get people taking action quickly are golden, and we love lists (just look at magazine covers – 7 Steps To …, 3 Ways Of … ) and the headline ‘Read this before you employ a [insert your profession]’ is a big spiker of curiosity.

Example -> If you enter your name and best email address in the form to the right of your screen right now, you’ll be emailed a copy of my Fast Start Marketing Report which is my product for prospects.


You’ve all seen one of these. The trick with eNewsletters is ensuring the content is short and sharp, and always focussed on solving your prospects’ problems. (You know what they are right?) Oh, and be consistent … an eNewsletter every now and then is useless … commit to a schedule so that prospects  expect them. And make the archives accessible for new prospects to go back and search.

Example – Here’s 50 newsletter examples … some good, some not so.


Don’t let the technology bamboozle you. A webinar is simply an online seminar – people can hear you, see your desktop (on which you’ll have a slide deck)  and ask questions either written or verbally. That’s it! I use Go To Webinarthe webinar set-up process is simple (it’s a series of fields you complete) then GTW provides you with a registration  link that you can email, share via social media or post on your website. On the day and time you set, you start the webinar and do your thang.

Example – This is the process for setting up and running a webinar.


Pull out the iPhone and start recording. Create five short (2-5 minute) videos that give prospects an insight in to your best tips – they’ll love you! Or, if you’re not one for talking to camera, then check out Screenflow for Mac and Camtasia for the dark side (I mean PC!). This software records what’s on your screen and what you’re saying – then turns it in to videos quicker than you can say “ascending transaction model” ;0)

Example – Google a topic you’re interested in follow by the word webinar. Then register for the webinar and experience it for yourself. I’ll also run one over the coming weeks so register follow Small Business Big Marketing on Facebook and you’ll be the first to know.


These have been around since day dot of the Internet. And they’re as valid now as they were then. It’s basically a PDF version of a real book. You could even look at it as a longer version of a Special Report. I’ve done quite a few for Clients in which I use a tried and tested process that always ends up with a great book that gets written by others!

Example – I created an eBook for the accounting firm SP Solutions which was basically written by their Clients! You’ll need to register on the right hand side of their website  to receive their Product For Prospects. Does the structure look familiar?!

OK, so I really hope that has brought the concept of a product for prospects to life for you. YES, there are technical things involved in creating one BUT don’t let these be hurdles. Many do, so therein lies the opportunity.

I am currently working on a Core Product offering that will include the creation of a product for prospects for my future clients. If you register at the box on your right, not only will you receive my Fast Start Marketing Report,  you’ll also be the first to know when I launch the offer.

So … if I’ve inspired you enough, why not leave a comment below about what your product for prospects will be.