Flying Solo

#130 How Flying Solo grew to a thriving 56,000+ member online community.

Robert Gerrish is the co-founder of Flying Solo, Australia’s largest online community of soloprenuers. Solo what? Soloprenuers … Those motivated and interesting individuals who choose to work alone. As far as online communities go, it was started back in 2005 and is a treasure trove of information to help anyone build a better small business.

Robert also had the foresight to make contact with me two and a half years ago when the Small Business Big Marketing show was just getting off the ground, suggesting that a joint venture was in order. That partnership still exists to this day and involves Flying Solo getting a mention in each episode and my show being shared amongst the Flying Solo community every week.

Robert explains exactly how they went about building this thriving business. Plus I share an email I received from a member of the Small Business Big Marketing Forum explaining (much more succinctly than me) why I started it and what you can expect! Enjoy …