Paddi Lund - how to work less and make more money

183 – How to work less and make more money with dentist Paddi Lund. This is the ‘Happy Business’ episode.

What if locking your door, taking down your business sign, and saying “goodbye” to half of your customers could radically change your business for the better? My guest today, dentist Paddi Lund, did just that. He shares how he used exclusivity, lateral thinking, and the power of what some call “repulsion marketing” to design a lifestyle where he was making more money than most of his colleagues while only working two days per week.

how to be happy

15 Steps To Happiness …

Yeah, yeah, I know this post isn’t marketing related.

Although it would be easy to argue it is.

If you’re not happy in yourself then it will reflect in the way you grow (or don’t grow) your business.

My great mate Ben sent this to me this morning with the note:

“Good morning champion … My amazing daughter Bella sent this to me this morning. Thought you might like the inspiration today.”

It made my day, and I hope it makes yours.