how to write a book

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#112 It’s question time! Personal branding. Marketing to corporates. Business cards PLUS loads more.

One of the great things I love about putting out this weekly podcast is the number of questions that come in from my listeners. It’s a fantastic way for me to get a sense of what’s on your marketing mind, and of course, for me to answer them every now and then in the actual show itself. And that’s what I’m doing in this episode.

So grab a cuppa and settle in (pen and notepad at the ready) as I tackle marketing challenges that cover personal branding versus business branding, including social media on business cards, how to get in front of senior management, seeking online and free publicity plus loads more. Listen up!

how to write a book

#95 How To Write A Book With #1 Small Business Author, Andrew Griffiths.

It’s between you and your major competitor. You’re both submitting on a big tender that, if you win it, will set your business up for a good 12-months. You’re both comparable on price and service delivery, so there’s not much in it and the client is having a hard time deciding who to award the deal to. Then the client remembers the book you’d written (that you’d personally signed and given them instead of a business card) and BOOM you win!

A glorified business card is a great way to view having a book that helps market your business and win business.

Listen in as Andrew Griffiths, Australia’s #1 small business author explains why you should and how you can have a book to market your and grow your business.