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episode 500 of the small business big marketing podcast

Your most asked small business marketing questions answered by Timbo in this milestone episode | #500

“If you had only 20-minutes a day to market your business, what would you do?”
“Who’s been your favourite guest, and why?”
“What’s something your friends don’t know about you?”
These are just three of the questions you wonderful listeners have sent in for me to answer in this week’s milestone episode 500 of your favourite marketing podcast ;0)

Tim Reid marketing Tips

#112 It’s question time! Personal branding. Marketing to corporates. Business cards PLUS loads more.

One of the great things I love about putting out this weekly podcast is the number of questions that come in from my listeners. It’s a fantastic way for me to get a sense of what’s on your marketing mind, and of course, for me to answer them every now and then in the actual show itself. And that’s what I’m doing in this episode.

So grab a cuppa and settle in (pen and notepad at the ready) as I tackle marketing challenges that cover personal branding versus business branding, including social media on business cards, how to get in front of senior management, seeking online and free publicity plus loads more. Listen up!

#65 Your most pressing Marketing questions answered.

Did you know that by simply replying to any of our emails, you can send us your most pressing marketing question and we just might answer it on Australia’s #1 marketing podcast. Or you can post it on the Small Business Big Marketing Facebook. That’s exactly what James Clemenets, Paul Evans, Mark Hogan, Robin Dickinson, …

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